Buzzfeed published some EU polling data today which has gained a bit of attention.

The data itself is completely uninteresting. It asks for opinions on a set of related questions then gives answers as if they are independent. This means it equates to “1. Have cake, 2. Eat it”. It mostly shows exactly what you’d expect; remainers distribute around the most pro-EU options, leavers distribute around the most anti-EU options. In the middle of the spectrum, remainers and leavers were most likely to answer similarly, but never in unified support of any issue. According to this data, there is literally no course of action, achievable or otherwise, which unites voters in any way. You might get to around 55% support on some issues, if you’re lucky, but that’s your ceiling.

But instead of “British voters as conflicted as ever”, the Telegraph chose to run the story as MOST REMAINERS BACK HARD BREXIT.

In some ways it still surprises me that people are happy to buy supposedly serious newspapers which report such incorrect stories. I can understand the mentality that the Sun or the Express is so hyperbolic and ridiculous that it’s basically entertainment and it’s taken with a pinch of salt. The Telegraph, however, is incredibly boring and if you are reading it it’s because you want to maintain a fictional view of the world, which in many ways is far worse.


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