There is some political reflection filtering out from CCHQ at the moment about what caused them to perform so poorly in the general election.

Something the Conservatives aren’t really getting is that the reason Corbyn’s support surged is that people have had enough of the current incarnation of capitalism. The age divide is telling. Corbyn didn’t just convince idealistic students, he won the majority of under 50s. It’s a pretty devastating blow to your economic credibility as a capitalist when a majority of working aged people would rather support a man routinely described by the media as a communist.

The Conservatives’ problem can be stated simply: You can’t expect ordinary people to be capitalists when capitalism is not allowing ordinary people to gain capital.

Self proclaimed free market advocates will argue that Corbyn’s brand of economics would be a punishment for being rich. This is a very emotional interpretation of what could also be described as a correction. I think the difference between the free marketers in the Lib Dems and the free marketers in the Conservatives is that the Lib Dems tend to understand that the market has to distribute its gains fairly and reward work put in for everyone for the free market as a whole to be sustainable, whereas Conservatives (and libertarians) generally don’t foresee that the market’s freedom is jeopardised by allowing it to fail to serve the people funding it.

The idea that Theresa May will do anything to address this is pretty far fetched, though. She’s left herself virtually powerless and her government is myopically focused on brexit. The longer the problem goes on, the more likely a bold left wing government becomes.


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