I’ve been running twice a week for the last four weeks with fairly low mileage and the neuroma update is…

It’s clearly still here as it twinges fairly often but I’m not really getting much actual pain or weird sensations in general. On the other hand, it’s still very sensitive to pressure, sometimes just dorsi-flexing my toes will make twinge and every so often it starts twinging in pulses. The twinge itself is sharp but very low intensity, so more of an irritation than a pain. So it’s a mixed picture. The sensitivity worries me as it seems like it will make it more prone to irritation in future, but we’ll see…

In the past month or so I’ve made the following changes:

I’ve greatly improved my balance, stability and symmetry
I’ve increased my running cadence (steps per minute) to around 180 in an effort to reduce the impact force and range of motion necessary to support my weight over the course of a footstep.
I bought some zero-drop (but not minimalist) running shoes, which encourage a more natural foot strike
I’ve been spending a lot of time wearing toe separators, often overnight

I think this has all helped, except that I am having trouble with pacing while keeping a high cadence and am often going too fast as a result. To start with, the higher cadence exhausted me out so fast I couldn’t keep the pace high if I wanted to, but my legs have adapted now. I might find the sensitivity reduces if I could slow things down a bit, while also keeping the cadence high. The problem is that I used to use cadence as a way of controlling my pace. 180 steps per minute was virtually a sprint. I haven’t yet fully figured out varying my pace while keeping the cadence constant. It’s all about the stride length. I know it’s possible to do it and look natural doing it because I’ve put metronomes to training videos on YouTube of people who look like they’re on a leisurely jog…

Plan for the next month: Stick to twice a week, maybe increase mileage slightly, learn to run slower.


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2 comments on “July
  1. rebacoast says:

    I’m glad you are slowly figuring out what works for you. I understand worrying about even a low intensity level, especially since people habituate to a certain amount of pain over time. Pain is just tricky in general. Good luck with your pacing!

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