Brexit and Corbyn

Today Jeremy Corbyn asserted that mass immigration from the EU undermines British workers. It sounds good superficially, as long as you are prepared to overlook the one small problem that there’s just no evidence that it’s correct. Nobody has ever managed to show that this statement doesn’t fall afoul of the lump of labour fallacy, except when constrained to such specific circumstances which affect so few people as to cease being interesting.

It’s not really surprising that Corbyn is pro-brexit, because brexit is an extreme act of protectionism which fits well within a hard socialist ideology.

It’s interesting that people’s opinions on Corbyn seem to be negatively correlated with their opinions on brexit. I can understand younger remainers backing Corbyn regardless because there’s a distinct lack of choice and for younger people he’s at least pretending to pay attention, which makes him the better option by default. For older brexiters, however, the polarisation is much more dishonest. Corbyn gets slated by older brexiters as being an extreme socialist who would destroy the country with his naive economic policy, but here he is with what amounts to an extreme economic policy which is well rooted within hard socialism and which a lot of people think is naive and dangerous, and yet, it is actually in perfect agreement with most older brexiters’ views on the economics of brexit.

Time will tell who is correct, but you can’t have it both ways.


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