Running, or not

So… predictably, I once again defer the bi-weekly run schedule until next week.

Sunday felt like a good run, but I went too fast and I felt it in my left calf on Monday. I need much more discipline with this. I also had kind of a dull ache in the neuroma area which felt like a bruise. It improved after some calf stretches but I’m still left with a Vague Feeling Of Discomfortâ„¢. On Monday evening it gave me a few minor jolts, but nothing major. It’s interesting that the pain seems to move along the nerve with intensity. When it was at its worst, it was a deep pain from within my forefoot around the metatarsal joints. It felt like something tunnelling along there. With lessened pain, the sharper sensations tend to be at the very front of the fatty pad of my foot and closer to the skin. I still get aches anywhere up to the end of my toes though.

So, still in limbo…

I do still aim to get that elusive second weekly run in as soon as possible though. Hopefully next week. If I can get two runs per week and not feel that I’m not making any preventable mistakes like going too fast or going too far then I’ll feel much happier about deciding what to do next.

In related news I bought some gel toe separators at the weekend. For the first few days it was hard to wear them for more than about 15 minutes at a time but most days after work this week I’ve worn them for a few hours, on and off. They might give me a few extra nanometers for the nerve to sit in. How effective they will be depends on whether my problem is caused by a simple lack of space, or some other mechanic stress. I also wonder if some of the vague discomfort I’m feeling is minor damage from the soft tissue being stretched more than it’s used to. If so it should be fairly temporary.


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2 comments on “Running, or not
  1. rebacoast says:

    Part of what makes it tough is the way the pain shifts around and changes, especially since sometimes there doesn’t even seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. Hopefully the spacers help; it’s hard to say how much tissue growth has occurred on the nerve, which of course leads to a bit of a vicious cycle with the cramped intermetatarsal space.

    • laeknishendr says:

      How variable the sensations seem to be is indeed very confusing but at least in my case the overall intensity does seem to reflect how much I’ve put it through recently :)

      Yes, I’m conscious that at some point the nerve will become large enough that its size alone is enough to keep it irritated even if everything else is perfect. But as mine has been gradually improving over the last few months, I’m probably not at that point. Although my worry is that the spacers give me a one-off improvement but the nerve is still large enough to be prone to irritation over the long term, just that it happens a bit slower than it would have done otherwise. We shall see…

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