Neuroma updates

The neuroma state is: it’s probably improving but very slowly. I ran 5k last weekend for the first time in, I don’t know, 3 months? Maybe 4. Then 4k this weekend (I was aiming for 5, but I’ve lost a lot of endurance, there’s a heat wave and my pacing was bad).

There was some post-run pain last week, but it wasn’t too bad. In general it is currently better than it has been at any point in the last six months, and that includes the zero running months, so that’s good, but as it’s such a slow process I am always wondering if it’s stalled and this is as good as it gets, in which case it’s not good enough and I need to get it sorted out, but…

…At the moment I’m stuck in limbo in that it’s bad enough that I don’t want to run on it much, but it’s not bad enough that I want to pursue actual professional treatment (which will be invasive). Hopefully it will continue to improve and in a few months it won’t bother me much.

As it has been stable for the last few weeks, the next test will be to run twice a week consistently, which I’m intending to start next week. I did run twice a week in the week of the end-of-May bank holiday, but wasn’t sure it was really up to it so the past 2 or 3 weeks have been one-run-only weeks.


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7 comments on “Neuroma updates
  1. rebacoast says:

    Hi! I went back and looked at some of your old posts. I understand your hesitancy regarding surgery for your neuromas, and if what you are doing is working, go for it! Avoiding surgery is good if you can do it without compromising quality of life. I tried changing shoes, using orthotics, and cortisone injections, all to no avail. I was tired of being in pain every day and limited activities. Tomorrow I’m 5 weeks out from having neuromas removed from both feet and so far am happy. I can’t yet tell how effective the surgery was because my feet still hurt from surgery, but I’m improving, so I’m hopeful.

    • laeknishendr says:

      Thanks for the comment! I found your blog yesterday and read through it. Thanks for sharing, it’s fascinating.

      I guess it’s a bit jumbled from all my posts and my very variable levels of optimism and pessimism when I wrote them, but my state is that a few years ago – I think it was 2014 – I somehow ended up with a neuroma in my right foot – probably from running but I never really understood exactly what caused it. I knew from the wear on my shoes that I was under-pronating on my right foot (and not my left) and putting more force through the outside of my foot than I should have been. Just to confuse things, somewhere in the middle of this – after switching to larger and neutral shoes to get rid of the underpronation issue – I also had a few burning pains from my left foot, but they quickly subsided and never actually caused a problem at the time. So I never understood the cause at all, really.

      Eventually, after a few ups and downs, it did improve on its own. I still get the odd twinge from it to remind me that something is still there, but it’s in no way limiting. Up until December 2016 I was running 20-40k per week with no issues… until I started getting all the same feelings in my left foot. No actual burning this time, just various types of pains, aches and strange discomforts. I think in one of your posts you mentioned that continual low-level pain wears you down, which I can relate to. So I am a bit hesitant to go down the surgery route for all the obvious reasons but also because I know from experience that in my case it might get better within the next few months. Which makes the choice a bit less clear, and I suppose, since it’s ‘only’ been bothering me for the last 6-7 months, premature.

      Anyway, I enjoyed reading your page. I hope your recovery continues to go well, and I also hope you will continue writing :)

      • rebacoast says:

        Aww, thank you so much! The blogging has been interesting but since it’s new and I don’t get much traffic (yet?) it rather feels like throwing my words out into the empty air, haha. As for feet, I can definitely relate to variable attitudes and come-and-go sensations, as I had a similar experience. Even once pain was daily, it wasn’t always the same level, so between that and the intermittent paresthesia in my toes, it took me awhile to decide whether to have surgery or not. I wasn’t sure for a long time if I was in “enough pain” to justify surgery, and upon expressing these feelings to my husband, he told me it wasn’t a martyr contest. :P But because you HAVE seen improvement in the past, waiting and watching for awhile longer seems like a good plan.

        You stated you’d have to wait awhile if you went the surgery route. Do you know how long your wait time would be?

        • laeknishendr says:

          I don’t really know how long the waiting list would be. But nothing happens quickly on the NHS (‘free’/taxpayer funded UK healthcare), so I’d expect 6-12 months. But if the waiting time was unacceptably long with respect to how much pain it was causing I would investigate having it done privately, which would be much, much faster (but maybe expensive).

          The problem is that the improvement is so gradual that I can’t assess it week to week, which makes it hard to understand where I am. Plus, I’m yet to put it through the ultimate test of upping my running mileage… which will probably be the deciding factor. But of course I keep putting down an ultimatum in my mind that I’m going to do it and see how it responds, and then I see gradual improvement and think “well, maybe I should hold off for a while and be a bit more patient”!

          As for blogging, I am afraid it pretty much is throwing words out into the ether and occasionally someone reads them! I find it a useful way of organising my thoughts without the expectation of anyone reading them, and if anyone does, well, that’s a nice bonus. Having said that, your blog should start ranking well on Google for MN surgery experience related terms, so you should pick up readers gradually…

          • rebacoast says:

            I see. I am in the U.S. and in my area I probably could’ve had my surgery done faster, but I ended up waiting 7 months or so to coincide with summer break. I needed to be able to drive my kids to school and I knew I wouldn’t be able to do so for 4 weeks after the surgery.

            It is hard sometimes to see any recovery progression (or regression), which is where your blogging helps. That was yet another reason for me as well–it gave me a way to track how I was doing. Otherwise it’s too easy to forget how I felt a few weeks or months ago.

            Whenever you do feel comfortable upping your mileage, I hope it goes well for you.

          • laeknishendr says:

            Yes, blogging is useful even if you don’t read back through things you’ve written, just writing them solidifies things in your mind. I find it very helpful :)

            I don’t envy you having to time things around children and schools, but by waiting an extra seven months you presumably felt more sure about it and understood your position much better? You don’t want to go too quickly into these things with nagging doubts that it was the wrong thing to do and that it might have improved given a bit more time.

  2. rebacoast says:

    Yes, that was the best part about waiting as long as I did. By the time the surgery rolled around, I was sure.

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