The party of contradictions.

On the economy: Austerity was necessary in 2010 because the previous Labour government mishandled the economy to such a degree that there wasn’t enough cash. In 2017 we are continuing with austerity which implies at least one of two things: 1. It doesn’t work, or 2. The previous Conservative government has mishandled the economy to such a degree that there isn’t enough cash. Perhaps someone who thinks it’s OK to spend £1000 on leather trousers isn’t the best person to be in charge of the nation’s finances.

On brexit: Only Theresa May is strong enough to negotiate with Europe, but only Theresa May is weak enough that she has to duck public appearances. A bad deal would be worse than no deal, but if no deal isn’t a big deal then negotiations aren’t important so why does it matter who isn’t doing them? If negotiations are important after all and no deal would indeed be a big deal then why is Theresa May wasting valuable months on a general election while the two-year brexit clock ticks, after which we are booted out with no deal?

On stability: If Theresa May returns a small majority, as is looking possible, then she’s made herself look rather a fool and will lose confidence of her party. She has already annoyed them over the bungled national insurance rise, the bungled manifesto and her tendency to hide behind a very select set of close advisors. How long before a leadership challenge? The real winner from this general election campaign is, as ever, Boris Johnson.


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