Neuroma updates…

Test run #2 went OK I think…

I did the same 3KM again but went much slower (6:10/KM vs 5:10 last time). My calf didn’t seize up afterwards this time but my hamstring feels tight enough to give a bit of resistance when I walk now, which I need to sort out because I don’t want it affecting my gait. This may be from weights rather than running.

I’ve had some twinges since. More than I would like but nothing too major. My foot felt tight in general in the evening but seemed to loosen off and relieve any vague aches after I did some manipulation to try to free up the metatarsals:

The massage therapist can help create space between the metatarsals by specifically stretching them. For some people, stretching of the toes in this manner might be torturous at first, especially in women who wear high heels. For others, stretching of the foot and toes actually feels wonderful. It is necessary to stretch the webbing between the third and fourth metatarsals, as well as the other metatarsals. This is done by grasping both toes and spreading them apart in a repetition-based stretch. Since the lesion will most likely be sensitive, short holds with several sets of 8-10 are beneficial. To open the tissue on the plantar foot near the third interspace, one toe can be pulled up while the other is pulled down. This is an intense stretch that replicates the Muldor’s sign, so it is important to be gentle. The forefoot can be stretched by grasping the calcaneus with one hand, while the other gently rotates the ball of the foot. Again, the movements are repeated in sets.

It feels acceptable so I will give it the rest of the week off and then I’ll go up to two runs next week.

I don’t think there is a long term case that it stays the same. Either activity will trigger a healing process and it will gradually get better, or it’s in such a state that activity will make it worse and it will need proper treatment. After 9 weeks off which basically seems to have been a waste of time, I’m feeling more open to finding out which.


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