Neuroma #4

It’s time for the weekly neuroma update. I’m pleased to report it’s definitely improving. Logically, I knew it was last week, but it was still causing me enough discomfort that I was hesitant to commit to any positivity. The aches seem to have stopped and now I’m left with sharp pinching feelings when I put my foot down at the wrong angle. I consider this a big improvement, because now the only time it hurts is when there’s an obvious physical cause, which at least tells me when I’m doing something wrong. I’m still optimistic that if I can avoid aggravating it frequently, it will, over a period of months, stop bothering me enough that it’s not practically a problem.

So now I’m thinking about running again.

It’s now 5 weeks since my last run. I had to look that up on Strava. I’d lost count and thought it was 7. Ok, that’s not as bad as I thought. I basically lost the first two weeks because it got a lot worse, for reasons obviously unrelated to running. It then plateaued for a week, and it’s only the past two weeks that it’s actually been improving.

I suspect that the balance exercises and calf stretching I’ve been doing has corrected my gait enough that I could probably run short distances on it without making it worse. But I’m going to leave it a couple more weeks before I attempt that. And when I do start again, it’ll be a short test run, then a week off, then no more than two 5ks a week for the first few weeks.


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