Neuroma #3

The neuroma situation this week is that it’s probably a bit better than it has been but it’s hard to tell. Summary:

+ It has mostly stopped feeling painful or bruised or weird when I wake up
+ I was getting a clicking sensation in my foot, which is now occurring much less frequently.
+ I’m not experiencing the same pain peaks as I was. i.e. it used to feel like someone was stabbing me with a pin, now it’s usually much vaguer.
– I am still getting both a lot of vague pain and a lot of strange aching, which is preferable to outright stabbing pain, but ehhh, it’s still pretty unpleasant.

So, the frequency of the pain has not improved, but the intensity has. This is probably good, but I don’t feel very positive about it.

This week I have spent lots and lots of time stretching calves and hamstrings, as well as improving my balance. I discovered that I’m rock solid balancing on my right (good) leg, but couldn’t last more than a few seconds on my left. Now I’m managing around 30 seconds with some wobble so that’s better.

Overall now I feel that my gait has improved when walking. So hopefully things will continue to settle down over the next few weeks… It is a nerve and nerves can have quite a long latency between being annoyed and settling down.


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