Neuroma #2

I am now at week #4 of no running an the neuroma has…
…got a lot worse. It’s not ambiguous, it hurts more. And if it continues at its current trend it’s going to cause me problems getting to/from work, so that’s not good.

I’ve been through all this on the other foot and eventually it just stopped bothering me, but currently, this one is definitely worse that the other one ever was. In some ways past experience makes me optimistic, but I’m aware I’m in uncharted territory.

So I have rapidly implemented plan B, which involves:

1. Taking off my shoes at work. I wear wide fit shoes now and if they were any bigger they would literally fall off, but somehow in its current state they still irritate the neuroma. I suppose that they can apply pressure to my foot when I am sat down if I plant my foot and then push it to the edge of the shoe, so it’s best if they are just not part of the equation.

2. Epsom salt foot baths. Apparently magnesium is important for nerves and epsom salt contains (well, is) magnesium which can be absorbed through the skin. Looking at ‘sources of magnesium’ lists I probably don’t get much of it. A few people online have noted that magnesium and epsom salt helped them. I don’t really expect this to help but it’s easy and safe to try, so why not.

3. Stuffing cotton wool between my toes. I used to do this a lot but I stopped doing it because it started hurting more when I did. But I think it should be safe and beneficial generally…

4. Stop icing it, because ice is clearly either not preventing it from getting worse, or actively making it worse.

I am quite frustrated by this currently and especially by having to take an extended time away from running. But on the plus side I started lifting weights again after having a bad cold last weekend and through the week, and I’m feeling pretty good about that.


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