Last night I was awoken very suddenly at 4:40AM by the doorbell. I also had the impression that I’d heard a car door close a few seconds before the doorbell. I spent my early 20s devouring everything I could about unexplained mysteries and the paranormal and I know very well that the mind does strange things in the world between sleep and consciousness, so I realised that I’d only been awake due to the doorbell and it seemed unlikely I’d know about the car door, which also led me to suspect that I hadn’t really heard the doorbell.

It took me probably another 40 minutes go to back to sleep, in which time I heard precisely nothing, including a suspicious absence of a car door opening and closing again followed by a car driving away. I didn’t answer the door, obviously, because firstly I hate answering the door at the best of times and 4:40AM is a long way from the best of times, secondly I’m lazy and thirdly I didn’t really believe there was anyone there.

So I got up this morning and my front door was smeared with bloody hand-prints… No not really.

Hypnagogia (wikipedia) is the name of the strange world between wakefulness and sleep, which may include auditory hallucinations, and the article specifically mentions doorbells.

Of course, since I didn’t get up and check, I really have no idea whether it was a hallucination or not.

Very odd.


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