Today has had the following exciting stories:

1. David Davis admits to the commons that he hasn’t done any analysis over what effect a ‘no deal’ would have upon the economy, doesn’t know what the tech industry’s state will be regarding data privacy with Europe, admits that agriculture tariffs could be as high as 40%(!) and thinks we’ll lose passporting for financial services.

2. The government u-turns on NI increases, because nobody reminded them that increasing NI was against their manifesto. The story from the Telegraph is that Theresa “safe pair of hands” May forced the u-turn by telling Philip Hammond “we are reversing this – I don’t care how bad it is for you”.

3. 12 police forces have passed on evidence to the CPS regarding 2015 Conservative election fraud, and at least two Conservative MPs have been interviewed by police. This could get very interesting. It’s amazing to think that the Conservatives hold a majority, but even with shenanigans, only managed to get less than a quarter of the electorate to actually vote for them.

With the EU negotiations just around the corner, I’m glad we’re fielding the A-team.


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