They can take our lives…

Top grade political trolling from Nicola Sturgeon.

A50 is almost imminent, and she has thrown a spanner into the works by making it look like Scotland is about 50% likely to leave the UK within the next few years. Her desired timings are chosen for maximum confusion – she wants a referendum when we’re only a few months away from leaving the EU. The future of the UK will be in doubt up until that point, which will add even more uncertainty into the negotiations. And if Theresa May puts her foot down and denies Sturgeon her wishes then Scottish nationalism will surge even further.

If Theresa May is already getting out-manoeuvred by Sturgeon, it doesn’t bode well for her ability to negotiate with the rest of the EU.


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2 comments on “They can take our lives…
  1. Matt says:

    Very interesting timing by Sturgeon, think support for independence will grow now seeing as we’re leaving the single market.

    • laeknishendr says:

      It’s hard to say… in theory yes, but the other side is that Scotland went with the conservative (small c) options in both the first ref and the EU ref, so I’m not sure, they seem more risk averse than the rest of the UK. Seems like a 50/50 chance at the moment, which will of course worry Mrs May and maybe Sturgeon’s real goal here is to use the threat as leverage to exert influence over the brexit negotiations.

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