Another eventful weekend

The weekly disaster that unfolded this weekend was that my mum broke her arm yesterday.

She tripped and fell and landed on her shoulder and ended up breaking her humerus bone near the shoulder. My mum is 58 but still reasonably active – a few hours previously she’d done a 10k run. She does a lot of yoga too so she ought to have decent bone density. It seems like she suffered incredibly bad luck to impact the ground in the exact way she did.

Overall the experience was pretty awful; my dad was going to drive her to A+E but she started feeling very faint when she tried to get up and walk to the car so he ended up calling an ambulance instead. It took an hour before a pair of ‘community first responders’ turned up. These are actually volunteers and are quite limited in what they can do. In total it was 3 hours between making the 999 call and her being taken away in an ambulance.

We’re not really sure what kind of recovery time we are looking at; it could be 12 months for full strength, but basic function in 8-12 weeks we hope? But for the next week or two she’ll be fairly immobile.

This is just the last in a series of health incidents. Last weekend my dad had to go to A+E in an ambulance after he passed out. It turns out it was probably just the result of some non-serious back pain getting the better of him, but we could have done without it.

The worst thing is that my grandmother is in hospital 100 miles away. My mum has been going up there once or twice a week and staying a few days for the past four weeks. My grandmother is 89 and her prognosis is pretty bad, although the timescales are uncertain. If she takes a turn for the worse while my mum is immobile it’ll be very difficult for mum to deal with. When she went in originally it was touch and go for a while, but after having a pacemaker fitted she improved a lot. She has since been up and down; basically the pacemaker hasn’t been able to fully compensate and she is suffering heart failure. I am a bit concerned that the shock of learning that mum has broken her arm and might not be able to visit for weeks will just cause her to give up. In many ways it would have been better for everyone involved, herself included, had she gone the first night. It feels bad to say that even though it’s absolutely true.


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