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In light of the diplomat resignation…

There was a comment on the FT website which went viral. It’s not the most subtle piece of writing but it seems to accurately summarise 50% of the brexiteer response to Ivan Roger’s resignation, as they now look on in disbelief that he’s not performing his duty by using his specialist skills to implement a course of action he has no interest in.


The other 50% are ecstatic because it means Nigel Farage can take his job.

I’m not sure which is more delusional. The idea that he would ever allow himself to be in a position of responsibility where he will be judged on his achievements demonstrates a serious underestimation of Mr Farage. Farage is someone who thrives on the attention given to him by standing on the sidelines telling everyone he could do a better job, and he would run a mile (for the first time in his life) were he ever to find himself in danger of allowing that hypothesis to be tested.

There is speculation that this is because of disagreements with Theresa May, in which case this is quite interesting because it speaks poorly of her ability to hold things together. We’ve so far seen so little actual leadership from her that it’s reasonable to openly suspect she doesn’t have the skill. Personally I’m in the bizarre position of thinking we’d have been better off regarding brexit had Boris Johnson become PM.


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