Sleaford is/was a safe Tory seat in a staunchly ‘Leave’ area. It also has very low immigration, making it prime Ukip territory, so the interesting question was whether Ukip would eat into Tories’ vote share.

And the answer is…


They’re playing it down as not being a ‘target seat’, but if they’re losing votes here, they’re doomed to being a 1 MP irrelevance.

In fact, everyone’s a loser apart from Lib Dems, and, er, Linconshire Independents, who were the only parties to increase their vote shares.

Overall it’s a pretty boring result. The Tories are holding seats like this, Ukip have peaked, Lib Dems are clearly on an upward trajectory but they never had much chance in seats like this even at their historical best, and Labour are having a disaster, but we all knew that anyway.


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