Over the (late) summer I contracted an unlikely running injury: a throbbing in the front of my shoulder/chest. I later discovered that barbell rows aggravated it, so I think it has something to do with the motion of pulling my arm/shoulder back. I had a lot of tightness in my upper arm and shoulder, so it may be that something was moving incorrectly. It has taken me months to get this back to a level that doesn’t bother me much. I had a sudden improvement by stretching my arms out above my head, but only when I started to pick up the weights again did most of the tightness in my shoulder and upper arm really disappear (although so far I have not been brave enough to try barbell rows again, but I am doing dumbbell rows.)

The second injury is… my feet. Two years ago I developed a probable morton’s neuroma in my right foot. It took me a lot of time and footwear to get that to the point that it stopped bothering me. One year ago, I then developed one in my left foot. I have no explanation for this. I’ve not had them treated in any way because the options are invasive and although it is easy to aggravate them, I have managed to avoid it so far while still running 30k+ a week.

I usually wear Asics because they have a reasonably wide fit (important for neuromas), but the pricing on the model I like has gone insane. Over the weekend I ran 12k Saturday and 10k Sunday in some new Saucony trainers. They felt OK while running, but all week since I’ve had aches and tingles in my left foot. They might be very slightly too narrow in the toebox.

To complicate matters, I’ve also had more general aches in both feet, which for me is usually a symptom of overly tight calves and or ankles and or hamstrings, so I’m not really sure at the moment if I’m too tight or the shoes are too tight. I suppose the only thing I can do is revert to older shoes, wait until it all subsides, then try again.


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