BBC News comments are the stupidest things I have ever read

Some of the highest voted examples from an article on the brexit supreme court case. I’ve no doubt real people are writing them but I do suspect that the voting patterns are not entirely organic. My only question is: who’s manipulating the votes? We know that Russia had a push for this kind of thing a few years ago (see: putinbot); have they expanded to interfere in domestic politics?

I thought we already decided this democratically by way of the referendum. It’s starting to get silly now.

If 52% of people voted that you should jump off a cliff, would you consider it your legal obligation to do so?

As a Brexiteer i’m totally furious by all of this, it seems as time goes on we dont live in a democracy at all but a dictatorship run by whoever has the most money

Says the person arguing that the PM should be above the law.

Just give MPs a vote.
Publish the names of any MP who votes against it.

Yep, that’s how parliamentary votes work.

I think if you are just an average taxpayer, you just want the government to get on with it.

The “average taxpayer” suggests someone with a job who contributes to public finances. The statistics do not support you on this.

If the will of the people is denied, then there will be rioting, revolution and all litle faith in the political system abolished.

“Do what I want or I’ll smash things up” has never been a very convincing argument, especially when all the public demonstrations recently have primarily involved 80 year olds who think they’ve voted against the metric system.

Only an idiot would reveal their negotiating hand or “red lines” before going into negotiations

Good to know we’ll be using the tried and tested method of making other people guess what we want. That’ll work!

Daily bile on Brexit from the BBC. Obviously no interest from them in trying to heal a divide.

How dare the BBC report news!

Also when are the Lib Dems going to have a second vote in the Richmond Bye election so the people can change their minds?

We have elections every 5 years at most. In this case the next will be in May 2020, put it in your diary – it seems you may have missed the previous elections.

“All brexiteers are not racist, but all racists are brexiteers”
So by your considered thought process not all Remoaners are morons but all morons are Remoaners?

This inexplicable misunderstanding of logical inference is why I think formal logic should be taught in secondary schools. Some people go through their entire lives without being able to deduce implied conclusions from simple relationships. I don’t understand how you can be literate but not understand this stuff.

The Lib Dems and those who want to overturn the result are not doing what is best for our country. The Lib Dems are dividing our country, not unifying it.

The problem you are going to encounter is that you can’t ‘unify’ the country behind a stance that a large number of people think is irreversibly damaging and primarily driven by people less intelligent than them. The Lib Dems aren’t motivating this, they are simply exploiting it.

I wonder how many remoaners and lefties realise that if we don’t leave the EU that will put UKIP in government ?

Probably zero, because you’re suggesting that a one-man band, minus their one-man, will gain 330 times as many seats as they did at the last election.

Has anyone been shocked by the amount of fascists that have appeared trying to kill our democracy ?

Such is the quality of discussion that it’s not actually clear which side this person is referring to. Are remainers fascists for effecting democratic opposition, or are leavers fascists for wanting to subvert the rule of law? We’ll never know.


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