Recently we have had a lot of brexiters being very eager to point out that the total collapse of the UK economy has not yet happened and things are looking good because certain companies are creating jobs in the UK.

Andrew Neil (the BBC presenter) is a fairly uncloseted Ukipper and has been very active on Twitter, earning him a lot of attention and admiration from people you might describe as the alt-right in the UK (although you might also just regard them as the “I’m not racist, I watch Japanese cartoons” brigade). He recently posted news that Jaguar Land Rover are “aiming” to create 10,000 jobs in Brexit Britain and included an unnecessary jab at the Financial Times, who are one of a small minority of British media outlets who aren’t drinking the Brexit kool aid, and, along with the BBC and The Times are actually providing some decent analysis on the subject.

What he doesn’t think is important enough to mention is that those 10,000 jobs are contingent on the taxpayer stumping up half a billion pounds, working out to about £45,000 per job. This is neither the slightest bit sustainable, nor is it a victory for market confidence (and definitely not for the taxpayer, either). The likes of the FT are correct to be sceptical.

Next we have the news that Amazon plans to create 1,600 new warehouse jobs in the Midlands. When we have talk of the UK becoming a high skill, high pay, high quality economy then Amazon warehouse jobs aren’t really what we’re looking for. Not only is Amazon an infamously exploitative employer, it is a monopolistic American giant which funnels money out of the country via tax fiddles, which put home-grown British firms at an unfair disadvantage when trying to compete with it.

Then we have Google and Facebook announcing a few hundred jobs each. They might be better employers than Amazon, but they are also monopolistic American tax fiddlers who unfairly out-compete British companies and who both limit the quality of the products in the market just by being a dominant presence.

If you think that being increasingly dependent upon the taxpayer or beholden to corporate America is a good thing then, yes indeed, Brexit has all the signs of a roaring success.


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