Weekly roundup

Leaked memo: The government doesn’t know what it’s doing and it doesn’t have a plan
Government: Actually we do know what we are doing and we do have a plan. Please don’t ask us for detail.

Boris: We are going to leave the customs union, and I will announce this important piece of information in an interview with a Czech newspaper, as is tradition.

Jeremy Corbyn: Are we going to leave the customs union?
Theresa May: It’s more of a quantum thing. We are going to get the best deal.
Corbyn: Will it be a titanic success?
May: Yes, I mean, er, no.
Corbyn: You don’t seem to know what you’re doing
May: Well, neither do you.

Judges: Parliament definitely should vote on A50.
May: WHAT!
Labour: Brexit will be terrible. But don’t worry, Tess, we’ll vote for it.
May: I’m appealing this!
Tory Ukip wing: Labour promised to vote with us. Just call the vote, it’ll be quicker

I grew up in the era of Tony Blair and Alistair Campbell playing the media like a fiddle. This total disarray and outwardly advertised incompetence is hard to get my head around. I still feel like I woke up in a parallel universe on the 24th June.


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