The problem I have with Trump and brexit can be expressed most simply like this: the cheerleaders celebrate both events as destruction. Destruction of “the establishment”, or “the liberal elite” or other such phrases that supposedly condemn the people they disagree with but simultaneously fail to exclude the set of people they idolise. However, if this really represents a positive change, destruction is the precise literal opposite of what they should be focusing on.

It speaks for itself that four and a half months on, brexit has not only failed to take on any constructive form, it has also failed to give even the slightest hint of what such a form might be.

It’s similar to Corbyn too. Labour members voted for Corbyn out of frustration with the status quo, but what they ended up with was a special brand of incompetence that made their position far worse than had they stuck with a safer but uninspiring option, because at this point, Corbyn is indistinguishable from a Tory plant.

The centre ground isn’t offering solutions so people are being drawn towards extremes, even though the solutions offered by the extremes don’t pass basic sanity checks.


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