Not the best week so far

And it’s only Tuesday

I didn’t get much sleep Sunday night/Monday morning because just as I was dropping off a bit before 11, I was awoken by a noise which turned out to be someone trying to open the front door (which was locked). I watched them walk down the road trying other people’s doors and peering into cars. They avoided houses with lights on, so now I’m leaving lights on when I go to bed. Very unsettling.

Today, on train on the way home, the sky looked very very dark so I checked the weather forecast. BBC weather assured me it was sunny, but told me that I’d be seeing 15mm rain/hour starting a few minutes after getting off the train. For those not familiar with such metrics, 15mm/hour means that if you’re outside for about 20 seconds you’ll be as wet as if you jumped in a swimming pool. And I have to commend for being absolutely spot on. The rain started and usually I’d just put my umbrella up and carry on, but it quickly became so heavy that I stood under a tree for a few minutes…

…and then the rumblings I’d been ignoring up until this point turned into simultaneous deafening crashes of thunder and bright flashes of lightning. I’ve been inside when thunder has been so loud that the house shakes, but I’ve never been caught outside when a storm has been so intense. I could have stayed under the tree but after seeing a very clear streak of lightning head towards the ground the rational part of my brain kicked in and convinced the rest of me that the tree above me might look a lot like protection but, actually, I might fare better against the lightning were I not stood directly under a tall object. So I walked home and got utterly soaked, but, crucially, did not get struck by lightning despite there being many opportunities for it to happen.

Never before in my life have I felt that getting struck by lightning was a reasonable possibility. I hope not to repeat that any time soon.

I survived, but my phone may not have been so lucky. It got stuck in a reboot loop an hour or so later which makes me think there’s some moisture in it causing it to short.



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