I am pessimistic about the ‘minister for Brexit’, David Davis’s competence when it comes to being able to forge a credible exit strategy.

He believes in Schrodinger’s United Kingdom: i.e. that the UK is simultaneously so powerful and important that the EU will fall over itself to offer us brilliant trade deals without asking for freedom of movement, while we are also so weak that we’ve spent years being downtrodden and ignored by our EU overlords. He believes that we, as a non-EU nation, could maintain trade deals with EU nations on a country by country basis because it’s “in their interests to be cooperative”, while also believing that as an EU nation, the EU prevented us from acting in our own interests and forming trade deals with non-EU nations.

He won’t be able to come up with a good exit strategy because he’s an intellectually dishonest politician trying to achieve something more concrete than winning votes. Voters might be swayed by dishonesty, reality not so much.


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