Imagine the near future

On the one side, we have Andrea Leadsom, whose main qualifications to run the country, according to her, are that she worked in finance at some point was employed by a company whose main business is finance and has expelled babies from her birth canal. An example of the oft overused Dunning-Kruger meme; she is so loony she doesn’t realise how loony she is. She is the Americanisation of British politics. I can’t make fun of Americans any more because we’re going, as they would say, full retard ourselves.

On the other, we have Jeremy Corbyn, who may well have decent domestic policy but is completely hapless at running his party and it’s not clear why he’d be any better at running a country.

We’ve also got the result that unless Ukip manages to clone Nigel Farage, they’re going to end up losing support because he’s resigned and they were a personality cult.

So we have a big venn diagram where we have a big circle for “left”, a big circle for “right”, and a very wide gap in between them where “common sense” would usually be an intersection of the two.

The centrists who backed Cameron because he seemed reasonably progressive and more competent than Ed Miliband will be fleeing the conservatives, the centrists who backed Miliband because they felt austerity was flawed will be fleeing Labour, and two large groups of Ukip voters, the Nigel Farage fan club and the “this is just an impotent protest vote … oh fuck, what do you mean we’re leaving the EU?”, will be fleeing Ukip.

So… Lib Dem surge?



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