Given that I typically have very little time for the Tories, under normal circumstances I would not be too fussed if they did what political party memberships have a habit of doing recently and chose the unelectable option of Andrea Leadsom.

Unfortunately, since they’ll parachute her straight into the position of none other than Prime Minister and she’ll have the ultimate say over exactly how, when and if the brexit fiasco proceeds, I think it is quite important that the comparatively sane Theresa May wins.

On paper, Darth Theresa is clearly the better choice. However, the decision now goes to the Conservative membership, who you might remember from such judgements as “Iain Duncan Smith is obviously a competent leader” and “Michael Howard, he sounds like a winner”.

If you have a two party system where both parties are equally unelectable and they end up an election, are they still unelectable? I’m not sure. Maybe we’ll find out.


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