Wish you were here

An extraordinary piece of data here:

With this combined with the tanking pound, does anyone still think leaving is a good idea?

Actually, the answer is yes.

Suzanne Evans of Ukip (well, at least, currently suspended from Ukip for having a falling out with Nige) showed she was a bit of a political lightweight standard Ukip member by commenting the day after the referendum that it was all a very British crisis that was over by tea time. The sentiment was shared on the social networks that it was all over and that was that.

Of course, as with many things, predicting the long term prognosis and the short term details are two different kettles of fish, with the former much easier than the latter. So showing your hand as soon as things stabilise after a very initial upset demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding of the situation.

As time goes on, the stances are softening.

Whereas a few weeks ago the idea of economic disaster was mere scaremongering, people are now admitting that things are beginning to look not so good after all, but, they hasten to add, it’s all the Remainers’ faults for being so negative. If only we adopted a more positive outlook, the economy would be much better equipped to handle the shock-wave they now concede is likely forming.

Meanwhile on planet earth…


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