I’m slightly dismayed to see people online defending Jeremy Corbyn.

Regardless on your feelings on Corbyn, the country is currently entering biggest period of uncertainty since 1939. And yet, we have neither a government nor an opposition party to oversee the journey. It’s a ridiculous situation.

You might like the idea of Corbyn. Fair enough, but the reality is that he’s clearly incapable of leading the opposition and while he’s preventing someone more competent from occupying the job he is damaging the country by failing to hold the government accountable for the kamikaze run we find ourselves stepping up to.

It is clear to me that Corbyn either simply doesn’t care, or he views the country as acceptable collateral damage to the Tories’ implosion. Neither of which is acceptable for leader of the opposition, and it will not be seen kindly by voters. Nor does it look good to voters that almost his entire staff have resigned, one by one, over a period of three days, and he sits there completely indifferent to it all. He doesn’t manage the crisis, he doesn’t seek to understand it or take steps to resolve it, he just lets it unfold around him. How can a voter vote for someone who makes themselves look so utterly thick?

What do Corbyn fans get in return? They accept the very real prospect of being reduced to less than 100 MPs at the next election so that Diane Abbot can go on TV a lot? So they can whinge about a man who left office almost 10 years ago? So they can tell you how much they want to solve inequality, while eroding their ability to actually do so? I don’t get it. Perhaps you genuinely think he can win an election, in which case, you live so deep inside a bubble I just don’t know what to tell you.

Corbyn gained a huge mandate last year by appealing to young people who were generally not particularly interested in mainstream politics. This isn’t the same as appealing to regular voters. They thought he was different, that he would look out for them. He then slapped each and every one of them in the face by allowing the EU referendum vote to go ahead and fail. By “refusing to share a platform” with David Cameron he negatively impacted every young person’s future. He’s a failure. 48% of the country voted to stay in. They have no real representation right now.

We need strong opposition now more than ever.


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