The BBC is not out to get you

Jeremy Corbyn: the BBC is ‘obsessed’ with damaging my leadership

Let’s have a quick recap. At the moment, the Tories are seemingly embroiled in civil war over Europe and there is a very distinct faction looking like it might launch a leadership challenge to Cameron, while in the background there’s an election expenses scandal rumbling along which threatens enough by-elections to whittle away the Conservatives’ very small majority.

The way Corbyn is capitalising on this is… …well, he’s not. He’s not doing anything really. He’s just standing there watching, because apparently he’s been taking classes from one of the revered Labour strategists, Ed Miliband, who also viewed it as a zero sum game where if the Tories were unpopular enough, Labour would win.

If the worst case scenario for the tories was to come true, if Cameron is ousted and it triggers a general election or all of those 29 by-elections happen… then absolutely nothing would change because nobody apart from die hard Labour supporters will vote for Corbyn. If the current polls giving the Tories 37 points vs Labour’s 31 are to be believed then we can probably shift that to 42/27 after the CCHQ PR machine spins up its inevitable attack on his clearly stupid views like he has on the IRA and the Falklands.

Corbyn and his followers think that everything that goes wrong is an indication of a grand conspiracy against them when in reality they’re just not up to the job.


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