Neverendum… it’s only just beginning

(Warning: hyperbolic sentence:) Of all the terrible things the Tories have done, distracting us from real issues with the EU referendum might be the worst.

The EU issue is stupid. It is self evidently ridiculous. We should never have been granted a referendum because the issue is far too complex, and it is senseless to delegate the decision to the British public, who are a bunch of idiots.

Even ignoring the hyperbole, the arguments on both sides are dreadful and dishonest. I am still in the ‘stay’ camp, but I find the economics getting trotted out to be tedious. The UK has a very large, very looming problem with its economy in that wage growth is lacklustre, productivity is low, and house prices put people into lifetime debt. In the long term, i.e. for everyone under 35, membership of the EU isn’t really on the radar when it comes to economic risk.

If Cameron and Osborne genuinely think that the economy is so important, then instead of simply trying to use it to scare people into voting remain, perhaps they should start behaving like it’s important and put somebody competent in charge of it.


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