The EU

The EU thing is very confusing and I think the reason for this is that neither side has handled it very well.

On the one hand, the EU seems steadfast against any kind of reform suggested by us and view us with suspicion for even suggesting it, while simultaneously blundering its way between crises of its own making. Cameron asked for little of importance and after much posturing from both sides, got even less.

On the other hand, the domestic situation here is also bad. Cameron’s demands seem pretty weak and yet as a man who has built his entire career on being quite bland and inoffensive it’s hard to believe he’s really pushing hard for them. The big names in the ‘leave’ campaign are suspicious.

We have people like Nigel “should I stay or should I go” Farage, who discredited himself with his own imbecilic behaviour in the run up and immediate aftermath of the general election; we have Daniel Hannan who is a very convincing and talented speaker, but it’s easy to be a convincing orator if you don’t limit your arguments to facts; we’ve got a growing band of useful idiot Tory ministers like IDS, Priti Patel and Michael Gove who are consistently on the wrong side of common sense and the best interests of the British public; and then we’ve got speculative people, which might include Boris, who just want to back the winning side to give them the best career options post referendum (in Boris’s case, number 10).

In summary, spearheading one campaign is a bunch of politicians and spearheading the other campaign is a bunch of politicians. We just have to choose the least wrong option. I have no idea which that is.


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