For the past few months the running has been going OK at about 3 times/20km a week.

But now, unfortunately, the old foot pain is back presenting itself as a sometimes sharp/sometimes dull pain under my 3rd/4th toes. I am going to ice it a lot, but I’ve tried all this before. Perhaps interestingly, this time it coincides with a very ‘packed’ feeling in my forefoot, as if the whole area is swollen.

I was diagnosed by a podiatrist with a neuroma, but I’m a bit sceptical because I failed all the diagnostic tests, all the questions he asked me to isolate it to a neuroma I answered with “no”, and he then seemed to diagnose a neuroma anyway because he’d run out of other ideas. There are actually other possibilities such as bursitis and capsulitis. I am not sure what skills they teach at podiatry school, but apparently using Google isn’t one of them. The distinction necessarily matter much for conservative treatment, but it does put me off pursuing treatment which is likely to end up attacking the nerve with a needle or knife.

It’s all a bit depressing. I am worried that should it become persistent it will make life (and getting to work) very difficult.


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