About 12 years ago I received a much sought after invitation to a new email service which is now the behemoth that gmail is. Being one the first users I nabbed and everything was great.

Unfortunately, over the years, people who share my name (but, importantly, not my email) have come to believe that they can receive my emails. Occasionally I would get reminders from an orthodontist in Pennsylvania about my appointments (note: I am in England), or inexplicable photos of babies. A year or so ago I had a few order confirmations for aquarium equipment, and a quote to have someone else’s floor redone. Fascinating!

About a month ago I suddenly started receiving vast quantities of spam overnight. I noticed that it was all addressed to The dot in gmail addresses is insignificant – the system strips dots out. I never write my address with a dot. Not only does somebody think my email address is theirs, they are so lax with it that they give it to spammers.

Today, the imbecile has signed up to I am getting notifications from that women are visiting my profile. seems to have no way for me to tell them that somebody else is using my address.

gmail’s spam filtering is good, but it is no match for an idiot.


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2 comments on “email
  1. Sam says:

    I have the same issues with my icloud address.. it leads to multiple invites, school timetables & parent teacher minutes and them trying to start a business as a party planner with my email (poor planning if ever I seen it!)

    • laeknishendr says:

      A party planner, brilliant! There must be someone sat at his computer wondering why he’s not getting any responses about his party planning.

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