I’ve had hayfever on and off all summer. Today I woke up with a blocked head, took a tablet this morning then went to work. I only take the tablets rarely, but they do seem to at least take the edge off it.

By about 10 o clock I had soaked my entire tissue supply and was convinced I had a full blown cold. By 2 o clock I was completely zombified. By 4 o clock I’d stopped sneezing and had started to feel better. Now it’s 10 o clock and my head is a bit blocked but I think I am feeling OK.

The coworker who sits next to me has had a cold all week (OR MAYBE ALLERGIES?) and I was sure I’d caught if off him, but now it’s looking like it was just a particularly bad allergy attack that only lasted a few hours.

This happens once or twice a year. I wish I had some idea what it is.

I like blogging

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