For the last few weeks I’ve been having trouble sleeping. I am not good at lack of sleep. If I do more than a couple of days on less than 7 hours I turn into a zombie. I work as a software developer and as well as feeling generally a bit rough the first thing I notice is how much cognitive ability I lose and how much harder it becomes to write code that works.

I also thought that my hayfever allergy symptoms got worse, but it turns out they’re just bad anyway. According to the met office pollen forecast it’s no longer pollen season so they aren’t doing a pollen forecast. What a load of absolute bollocks, I have a finely tuned pollen detector in my nose and it’s currently detecting pollen better than the met office. It seems far worse this year than I ever remember it being before.

So this week I cut down on caffeine, stopped eating before bed and consistently went to bed before 11. I’ve now gone a full week on 7-8 hours per night, and… I feel just as tired. It’s a much more relaxed tired though.


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