The Labour party is a mess

In recent Labour party news:

  • The non-Corbyn contestants have tried to band together in an anyone-but-Corbyn pact. Good idea guys, that’s not at all ridiculous!
  • Yvette Cooper, who up until this point has done absolutely nothing of interest, has come out and said that Corbyn (and Burnham) is the wrong choice because he’s a white man. “I’m not winning, I’d better be sexist. It’s lucky I’m a woman”
  • Some Labour MPs (most notably Simon Danczuk) have said they’ll revolt as soon as Corbyn is elected, so don’t elect him, because who cares about the democratic process?
  • Labour are banning people from participating in the election if they might be intending to vote for Corbyn, because who cares about the democratic process?.

This is the current quality of the main opposition party in the UK – they are fielding a candidate that people like and they are so surprised by this, it is such an unusual turn of events, that they just don’t know how to handle it.


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