Today I finally had my podiatrist visit.

The result is not very illuminating. I originally got the referral mainly for the dull metatarsalgia, but in the time it took to get to the appointment, that has resolved itself on its own. I still get the sharp pain which I thought might be a neuroma so he looked at that…

…and he diagnosed Morton’s Neuroma, said that treatment would consist of injections and surgery, and said it’s best to avoid that unless the pain is actively disrupting my life. From what I’ve read, I agree with that statement, but I’m not entirely convinced by the diagnosis. He tried to narrow it down to a neuroma by asking me a bunch of questions which I said ‘no’ to, then squeezed and prodded my foot and failed to elicit any pain, then diagnosed a neuroma anyway, which hardly seems sound (but isn’t necessarily incorrect). So maybe it is a neuroma, maybe it isn’t, who knows.

At the moment I am running twice a week, and while it does hurt if I step on it awkwardly it’s not causing me any real practical problems right now, so ‘do nothing’ is probably the right strategy. Or another way to look at it is: the irony of the podiatrist is that it’s two miles away, so I walked 7 miles today to get there and back and then to work and back, and if I can walk 7 miles in a day then it’s not so bad.


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