Ellen Pao needs to go


I don’t know if anyone has been following the Reddit thing, but the tl;dr is that in late 2014 Reddit appointed Ellen Pao as CEO, a woman with a very dubious past, who was clearly antithetical to Reddit. Reddit until that point had been hanging on to the image of being a cool hipster startup that promoted a general hands off, free speech approach to the internet.

Since Chairman Pao came to power we’ve had a long period of disgruntlement over petty and not so petty censorship and yesterday it all boiled over when a Reddit employee, Victoria Taylor, was fired at zero notice for reasons nobody’s been able to ascertain. Reddit admins (not employees) were annoyed by this because she used to help them out a lot and there was no explanation or help offered to them.

Victoria used to help a lot with AMAs (ask me anything – celebrities field questions from users) and this all kicked off after some racist celebrity idiot did an AMA which went disastrously because all the questions come from random internet users who aren’t afraid to be confrontational. Some speculation is that Reddit wants to monetise AMAs by having them more focused on marketing, and Victoria was dead against that idea. Woody Harrelson famously was lambasted by the internet when he got upset during an AMA that nobody was asking him about his new film, because he thought it was a marketing exercise and nobody else did.

People generally suspect Empress Paopatine has no idea either about the technology of Reddit nor the culture of Reddit and she is running it into the ground.


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