32 degrees C

My main complaint with hot weather is my main complaint with almost anything that involves them: trains.

My train adventure this evening went like this:

1. Leave work expecting to catch one of the two late running trains scheduled to arrive in the next 15 minutes
2. First late running train is cancelled. It still goes through the station in the right direction, but nobody’s allowed on it. I don’t get it either.
3. Second late running train disappears. I don’t understand how you can lose a train.
4. Ok, I’ll get my regular train which comes in from the opposite direction and turns around here so it shouldn’t be affected.
5. My regular train has disappeared. I still don’t understand how you can lose a train.
6. Regular train turns up 10 minutes late, I get on
7. Regular train sits in the station for a few minutes
8. Platform announcements state that regular train is not actually going to my destination anymore, it’s going to skip it (thanks). Nothing has been said ON the train, so it’s only because the doors are still open that I heard
9. Get off train.
10. Platform announcements state there will be an unscheduled train to my destination on adjacent platform
11. Get on unscheduled train
12. Regular train leaves
13. …
14. drip drip drip. My face is dripping. Apparently these trains do not have air conditioning.
15. Unscheduled train starts moving
16. Check the National Rail app – apparently my regular train is calling at my stop after all.
17. Arrive in to my destination only 40 minutes late

Apparently this was due to a broken down train at the next station, but that doesn’t really explain why it was a problem in both directions and for routes that don’t even reach the affected station. More likely, British rail infrastructure can’t a few extra degrees of heat.


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