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It’s taken me a while now but I’m back up to running twice a week consistently, just in time for British summer humidity.

The dull metatarsalgia has pretty much evaporated. It’s not 100% gone and I still get a bit of sensitivity in my heels (PF probably) which reminds me that there’s room for improvement, but it’s not affecting me any more. I attribute this firstly to going back to neutral shoes, and secondly to being strict about calf stretching multiple times a day, especially after running.

I am still getting some twinges in the Morton’s Neuroma area about 24 hours after running. In isolation these are irrelevant, but I’m pretty sure there is a neuroma there and I wonder if with consistent running it will start getting worse. I’m taking a what will be will be approach with this; months of low and no mileage after it appeared made no difference to it so I might as well carry on and if I end up needing steroid injections and or surgery, then, ok, it’s not like I’m the first runner to get a neuroma.

I’m supposed to have received an appointment for a foot clinic which should at least give me a diagnosis on the possible neuroma, but that was five weeks ago and I’m still yet to hear anything. At the moment it’s not bothering me enough to chase that up…


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