Labour leadership candidates

Andy Burnham: I can’t see Burnham faring much better than Ed Miliband. He doesn’t have a strange voice (the scouse accent doesn’t count) or crazy eyes, but he’s also extremely boring and unlikely to commit to anything resembling a position.

Yvette Cooper: Needs several trolleys to carry around all her baggage. Like Andy Burnham, she’s basically a nobody who’s happened to stick around for a while.

Liz Kendall: I think she has the best chance of winning simply by not being any of the other three. I think she’s modelled her approach very carefully on Tony Blair because she correctly recognises Blair as the most successful politician of recent times, but if you watch early videos of Blair, he came across as very genuine and very thoughtful, whereas Kendall comes across as someone trying to guess what people want her to say. I think she has more potential than Cooper or Burnham as she is much earlier in her political career and could polish herself up quite quickly, but she’s nowhere near fulfilling that potential yet.

Jeremy Corbyn: Corbyn is the one to watch just because unlike the other three he doesn’t expect to win, so he might actually say something interesting.


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