Metatarsalgia #11

Last Friday I went back to the doctors about my foot and have now been referred to a specialist, whatever that involves and when it will be I don’t know yet.

It seems to be hurting on average much less than it was in, say, February. It’s still uncomfortable at times so it’s easy to feel like it’s been going on since October with no real progress, but I do lots of things now and think “this used to hurt”. I’m still on only one run per week though, which is a bit frustrating, and walking in general can still be uncomfortable.

I feel like I’m under-pronating much less than before and my foot in general feels much happier flattening out, but there is still more work to do there. As soon as I hit rough ground it reverts back to being rigid, so running on grass is counter-intuitively a bit tough.

Unfortunately the sharp pain when I go onto my tip toes seems to be completely unchanged, despite months of literally avoiding aggravating it even a tiny bit. It’s a very sharp, localised pain that feels like a needle is being stuck into my foot. I suspect this is a Morton’s neuroma and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better on its own, which is bad news because it doesn’t appear that modern medicine has figured out how to treat it reliably. Even cutting the nerve out doesn’t seem to always work. I will definitely mention this to the specialist, although the symptoms are practical to avoid for now, but I do wonder if my subconscious reluctance to go onto my tip toes is affecting my gait.

Overall: very slow progress, but on the plus side my CS:GO skills are going through the roof.



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