We desperately need electoral reform

The Conservative support base is no bigger than it was in 2010. They are still getting ~37% of the vote, like they did in 2010, but they now have >50% of the seats. The fact that they’ve won so many seats is an artefact of the voting system, not a shift in public opinion. Labour has actually gained percentage points, but still lost 25 seats. Ukip have a third of the Tories’ votes but only approximately 0.3% (1/330) of the seats. Ukip, Lib Dems and the Greens put together have around 25% of the vote, but less than 2% of the seats.

This result is not about what the public voted for, so let’s not frame it like it is.

This is the result of a system that weights votes such that Conservative votes are worth more than votes for other parties. We should be ashamed to be represented by such a broken and undemocratic system.


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