Exit polls

Exit polls have the Tories at 316 seats and Labour at 239.


Ok, this is interesting and astonishing and frankly disheartening. BBC predicts Lib dems are down to 10 seats (!) but 316 + 10 = a majority, so we might be in for another Con/Lib coalition. But things get interesting because if the lib dems really have lost 50/60 of their seats then there’s a good chance that Clegg’s no longer their leader, so who knows what the agreement will be.

The biggest concern now is if the tories stay in power we have to weather an EU membership referendum. Say goodbye to our stable economy if that goes through.

In some ways a crushing Labour defeat is a good thing because it gives them a fighting chance for 2020. I would have so preferred electoral reform and reducing their influence, but oh well, a 2 party system is better than a 1 party system.

And before I go to bed: let’s also remember that the exit poll is only a 20k person sample and applying that to FPTP is difficult at best.


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