Metatarsalgia #10

The balancing exercises (single leg squats + single leg romanian deadlifts) have progressed much less quickly than planned because of uncooperative muscles that have demanded things like recovery time. I am very surprised by this because they are just bodyweight and I do weighted squats and deadlifts semi regularly. I guess the main difference is stabilisation.

There is little excitement to report in the foot department: it got a bit worse, it got a bit better, etc. It occurs to me that my problem seems to be different to its initial presentation. It used to be a bruised feeling across the ball of my foot, most focussed towards the 3rd-5th metatarsal heads. Now it seems more like the uncomfortable feeling that I’m standing on gravel (I feel hyper-sensitive to rough textures, like my sock), but it’s moved to my first metatarsal. I’m not sure when this happened.

I have booked another doctors appointment since progress is obviously unsatisfactory. This is the third appointment and I haven’t yet been referred to a specialist so I will push for that if they aren’t forthcoming. I have a pretty good trump card in that I have to walk 3 miles a day to get to and from my job and I can subtly suggest that maybe that’s not looking sustainable.


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