Metatarsalgia #8

After initial success from changing shoes I was trying to get back to higher running frequency this week. It went… less well than planned. I ran for about 20 minutes on Monday. The first ten were a bit uncomfortable but the last ten were fine. There was some soreness in the ball of my foot about 24 hours later, not much, but now it’s Thursday and it hasn’t really dissipated, so that’s probably it until the weekend.

Maybe this was a bit optimistic, but there are still reasons to be positive. In the last few weeks:

1. I’m not icing my foot at all.
2. My intermittent PF has gone.
3. My intermittent achilles aches have gone.
4. The clicking in my ankle/achilles has gone or at least greatly reduced.
5. I’ve had no sharp pains in my foot.
6. I’ve had no weird sensations in my toes after waking up.
7. I’ve had no pain that has made me want to avoid walking or standing.
8. I can stand in the kitchen (hard floor) barefoot without getting agitated at a vague sense of discomfort

So… these might all be secondary complaints, but on paper that’s pretty good and suggests it’s moving in the right direction. The challenge at the moment is keeping my foot relaxed when it starts to hurt; my body wants to keep it rigid while walking to seemingly protect it, which I think prolongs the problems. It’s tough to override that natural defence mechanism.


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2 comments on “Metatarsalgia #8
  1. Kevin says:

    Those foot pains can sure be persistent. Make sure you get better before trying too much.

    • laeknishendr says:

      Yep… this one is proving very persistent. I tried total running rest earlier this year and it didn’t really help much (in fact it got worse, maybe coincidence) so I think there is a balance, but it’s hard to judge where that is.

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