Metatarsalgia #6

Recap: a few weeks ago I noticed the wear pattern of my right shoe implied I was underpronating. I had been wearing some moderate support shoes for running and then recycled them into walking shoes. So I replaced my casual walking shoes with some cheap neutral trainers and dug out some old neutral running shoes (which I was wearing before all this started).

The results are not as clear as I hoped but it does seem improved. I did a short run on Saturday and again Monday with no problems or after effects (this in itself is notable). Tuesday-Friday was just walking to/from work. I was a bit uncomfortable on Wednesday around my mid/forefoot and this also coincided with some PF in my heel, but Thurs and Fri were ok (but not perfect).

I’ve also stopped icing, which was definitely suppressing but not fixing pain before, so the fact there is only a bit of discomfort sans ice is definitely good. I should probably expect a bit of a transition period even in the best case.

We’ll have to see how things go but at the moment I am cautiously optimistic.


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