First past the post

First past the post looks set to deliver one of the most stupid outcomes of recent history: the SNP.

The predicted vote share and seats for each party for next months’ election is roughly:

1. Con (or Lab) (33% – 280 seats)
2. Lab (or Con) (33% – 280 seats)
3. Ukip (15% – 3 seats)
4. Lib (10% – 30 seats)
5. Green (5% – 1 seat)
6. SNP (4% – 48 seats)
7. Plaid Cymru (less than 1%, 3 seats)

Despite being sixth by vote share, the SNP will have more seats than the third, fourth and fifth most popular parties put together, which is very likely to place them in the position of deciding who the next government is.

So a Scottish party that wants Scotland to break away from the UK will be deciding how the rest of the UK is run, despite gaining only 4% of the vote. This is crazy.

I hope this happens because it might prompt the UK join the 18th century and adopt proportional representation.


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