Electoral Reform

As everyone knows, a few years ago we had a referendum to replace our utterly stupid voting system with a more sensible one and everyone rejected it because they decided that ranking candidates in order of preference was confusing and undemocratic and would cost money that could instead be spent on incubators for babies (no, I’m serious – this was really an argument used by the No campaign – one can only assume they expected some kind of economic bubble that would make the price of writing implements prohibitively expensive).

Probably almost 100% of Ukip voters voted No at the referendum because Ukip weren’t really a force back then, and yes voters were mainly young, educated and liberal, i.e. the opposite of Ukip voters. So it will be interesting in May if, as is currently looking like a very real possibility, Ukip ends up with 15% of the vote and less than 1% of the seats. There should be a lot of people left thinking “…wait a minute”.

I’m guessing reform will be back on the agenda next term but probably not as the alternative vote.


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