Metatarsalgia #5

It turns out I do not have a stress fracture, diabetes, or gout, which is not very surprising. The doctor recommends I go and get fitted for running shoes which seems kind of a cop out and I’m not fully convinced my problem is entirely caused by running as my running volume is so low right now. More likely everyday walking (~2.5miles per day) is playing a bigger role.

Regardless, it prompted me to check the wear pattern of my old running shoes and it looks like my right foot underpronates because the wear is much heavier on the outside on both the heel and the forefoot. This isn’t really news to me, and I’ve never cared about it much but maybe I should because it looks more pronounced than it used to be. So here’s the thing, I’ve ended up using these shoes as my everyday walking shoes because my previous everyday walking trainers started to fall apart (quite literally). These shoes are supposedly moderate stability shoes which are theoretically the opposite to what you want as an underpronator. So the next step, obviously, is to swap these out for another set of cheap trainers in the same style as the ones I used to walk in, and see where that gets me.

Currently the problem seems mostly symptom free with daily icing, but it would be better if the ice wasn’t necessary.


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